The BlueForum is an initiative of MARIN to promote the smart and sustainable use of environment in the maritime transport and maritime industry. The main objective is to bring together the actors that will enable an efficient implementation of the energy transition. Those actors are: the Industry, the Research Institutes and Universities, the Authorities. In order to reach such goal, we propose a series of presentation on ongoing innovations and projects, and provide a open platform (the Forum) to pitch new Joint Industry Projects (JIP) Initiatives. Those pitches will allow the start of such projects where participants can join force in research at pre-competitive level and enable future progress into the energy transition process.

The forum takes place physically during the BlueWeek, which is organised yearly. The location varies every year and any interested parties are welcome to propose their location to host the event. Because the event wants to remain free of charge, it is important that the candidate proposes its location free of charge.

Existing JIPs can also use the BlueWeek to organise their progress meetings with their members. Rooms at the location of the seminars will be made available for you free of charge.

The themes developed in the forum are Ocean Energy (tidal, waves, biomass, floating wind, floating solar), Blue Life (use of the ocean for farming, protection ocean life), Natural Solutions (Nature inspired solutions) and Natural Propulsion for the shipping industry (wind, solar, water).

Below partners have hosted the BlueWeek in previous years.

If you wish to become a BlueFamily member by hosting, co-hosting or sponsoring the event, please contact us.

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