Pitches presented at the 2017 Blue Week spring session

80edays. Challenging 2020 automotive and ship industry by Rafael de Mestre

Amsterdam IJmuiden Offshore Ports by Dorothy Winters – AYOP

Dynamic optimised inspections intervals for wind farms by Diego Allaix and Haico van der Heijden – TNO. 

WiSP JIP 2.0 by Rogier Eggers – MARIN

Roll JIP by Mark Paalvast – Mocean

Symphony 2017 by Fred Gardner – Teamwork

Pitches presented at the 2016 Blue Week


Objectives: The aim of the ACDC JIP is to improve the understanding of dynamic power cable design for offshore renewable energy. Rules of thumb on the feasibility of power cable designs will be developed as will an understanding of the likelyhood of failure on the cable throughout its life. The cables investigated in this JIP are relevant to all floating and fixed (free spans) offshore renewable energy systems.

Further info: ACDC
Contact: Hayden Marcollo

Further info: Ishare@Sea JIP
Contact: Dan Veen