Natural Propulsion: challenges and opportunities for the new entrants

Alberto Balzan, TurboSail Pte ltd, Singapore

A performance prediction programme for wind-assisted ships

Giovanni Bordogna and David J. Markey, TU Delft, The Netherlands

The application of wind-assisted propulsion for short sea vessels

Prof. Vahs and Jann Stybny, University of applied science, Hochschule Emden/Leer, Germany

Design considerations for WHC flettner rotor construction 

Jochem Padur, Lais GmbH, Germany

Kite propulsion

Yves Parlier, Beyond the Sea, France

A systematical experimental study on powering performance of flapping foil propulsors

Jacques Vermeiden, Civis Orbis bv, The Netherlands

Industrial perspectives of O-foil propulsion

Bas Goris and Patrick Heuts, O-foil, The Netherlands

The effectiveness of bio-mimetic pectoral fin propulsion

John Palmisano, USA

Antiroll: Natural stability

Arnold van Aken and Patrick Noor, Antiroll bv, The Netherlands

Propulsion of fish 

Johan van Leeuwen, Experimental Zoology Group, Wageningen University, The Netherlands