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Location: Jan Backxzaal



location: room L7-01 registration closed



Main Seminar location: Lloydzaal registration closed






Astrid Kee, member board of directors STC


Jan Willem Verkiel, Port of Rotterdam Authority


Guilhem Gaillarde, MARIN, chairman, BlueForum


Ocean Energy & Blue Life seminars


Multifunctional use of the North Sea: chances and challenges, Haskoning DHV, The Netherlands (Saskia Mulder)


Project Edulis: offshore mussel production in wind farms in the Belgian part of the North Sea,  Unveristy of Gent, Belgium (Nancy Nevejan)


Towards an innovative platform for seaweed production in the North Sea, NIOZ, The Netherlands (Klaas Timmermans)


Discussion on ecological impact of large scale wind park developments , what is needed for developments in the future, WUR The Netherlands (Marnix Poelman)


Coffee break


Nature-inclusive design of scour and cable protections (JIP HaSPro),  Deltares The Netherlands (Tim Raaijmakers)


Offshore possibilities within the Port of Rotterdam, Port of Rotterdam, The Netherlands (Twan Romeijn)


Machine Learning Applied to MetOcean Forecasting(JIP), DHI, Denmark (Maziar Golestani)


A cable layers’ perspective on multi-use of the ocean space, Boskalis Subsea Cables & Flexibles, The Netherlands (Pieter Wijnmaalen)


An integrated approach on emission reduction: set course towards the IMO climate agreement, TNO, The Netherlands ( Jurrit Bergsma)




Offshore wind new initiatives


Offshore wind R&D agenda 2020-2030, TKI wind op zee , The Netherlands (Bob Meijer)


Maintenance of a existing windfarm, Gemini (Bart Hoefakkers)


Autonomous shipping, MARIN, The Netherlands (Johan de Jong)


Motion Compensation, TWD


Floating maintenance hub, MARIN, The Netherlands (Olaf Waals)


Robotics in offshore wind O&M, TNO, The Netherlands (Haico van der Heijden)


Maintenance Islands, Westra Consulting, The Netherlands (Chris Westra)


Telepresence, TNO


Coffee break


A Blue Future


Aquaculture going offshore, Foresight DNV GL, Norway (Ole Andreas Flagstad)


The blue revolution, transition from land to sea, Blue 21, The Netherlands (Karina Czapiewska)


Space@Sea, MARIN, The Netherlands (Olaf Waals)


North Sea Energy Lab, Greenbridges, The Netherlands (Martine Verweij)


Network drinks


PROJECT MEETINGS (MEMBERS ONLY): International Windship Association (IWSA): general assembly, SPOWTT Joint Industry Project Meeting, WiSP Join Industry meeting 

Assembly for all project meetings ar in the foyer on the 13th floor

Main event location: Lloydzaal


Doors open, registration & Coffee




Guilhem Gaillarde, MARIN, chairman, BlueForum


Introduction of sustainable ocean activities and workshop ambitions


Zero emission in Transport & Shipping MARIN (Guilhem Gaillarde)


Offshore wind Energy, TKI Wind op Zee (Ernst van Zuijlen)


Maritime innovation and the Interreg Periscope program, Netherlands Maritime Technology (Marnix Krikke)


Integral Innovation & Multi-use to succeed with the energy transition at the North Sea, North Sea Energy Lab (Martine Verweij)


The importance of integral innovation – a North Sea Energy Lab film


Workshop I – part 1:

Workshop II - part 1:


Glimpse on the sustainable future of Shipping & Ocean Energy, MARIN & TKI Wind op Zee, Gemeente Rotterdam

The importance of integral innovation & multi-use to succeed with the energy transition at sea, MVI North Sea Energy lab, Periscope and Pilot Table Norht Sea 2030 policy process





Sustainable energy production, storage and distribution

(Financial) participation in windparks


Operations & Maintenance

Aquaculture – fisheries – energy - nature


Multi-use of sustainable offshore assets

Small-scale lobster fishing in windparks


Zero emission shipping

Systems integration (hydrogen production on offshore oil & gas platforms)




Workshop I – part 2:

Workshop II - part 2:


Glimpse on the sustainable future of Shipping & Ocean Energy, MARIN & TKI Wind op Zee, Gemeente Rotterdam

The importance of integral innovation & multi-use to succeed with the energy transition at sea, MVI North Sea Energy lab, Periscope and Pilot Table North Sea 2030 policy process


Integration & dissemination session


Presentation of pilotes and challenges


Panel discussion with Dirk Sijmons (H+S Landscape architects) and Hans Hillebrand (Min EZK)


Network drinks


Location: Mullerzaal

WORKSHOP II: PUBLIC EVENT registration closed

Location: Lloydzaal, Jan Backxzaal and Foyer 13th floor


PERISCOPE Idea Jam on the Tuesday of the BlueWeek

 New cross-border and cross-sectorial challenges in the North Sea Region ask for trans-national and inter-sectorial solutions supported by incentives to break out of existing silos. PERISCOPE aims to support sustainable development of the North Sea, by strengthening cross-sector Blue Growth innovation capacity and bringing together the players (businesses, entrepreneurs, clusters/networks, researchers, universities, incubators, investors and funds, customers/users, regional and local authorities and development/business support agencies) for knowledge sharing, acceleration and launch of new innovation-projects.

The BlueWeek is therefore an excellent opportunity for PERISCOPE to gather stakeholders to think together about innovative Blue Growth ideas. To foster this discovery process, PERISCOPE will give the attendees of the BlueWeek the opportunity to participate in an interactive ranking of business opportunities and to come up with new innovative ideas. The best ideas will be highlighted by Marnix Krikke (Netherlands Maritime Technology) during the integration and dissemination session on the Tuesday afternoon. PERISCOPE will foster the development of promising ideas and will help idea-owners with matchmaking and in the search for financial support.


Seminar location: Lloydzaal registration closed






Astrid Kee, Member board of directors STC


Councillor Harbour, City of Rotterdam


Guilhem Gaillarde, MARIN, chairman, BlueForum


Natural Propulsion (chair: Gavin Allwright)


Installation of Norsepower Rotor Sail on board Viking Grace, Norsepower, Finland (Tuomas Riski)


Development of global wind power industry, as inspiration for wind assistance on ships, World Wind Energy Association, Germany (Stefan Gsänger)


BICEPS Network: shippers demand sustainable ocean shipping, FrieslandCampina Corporate Procurement, the Netherlands (Walter Vermeer)


Has hydrogen potential to be used as a marine fuel?, CMB, Belgium (Roy Campe)


Sustainability and wind assistance in shipping at the TU Delft, TU Delft, The Netherlands (Riaan van 't Veer)


Systematic variation of wind assisted ship designs, MARIN, The Netherlands (Rogier Eggers)


Zephir & Boree, Sail Shipping Company, CNIM, France (Gaetan Breurec)


Innovative large sail technology for a new cruise experience, STX France, France (Vianney Vautier)


Wind+Wing developments; scaling up, Wind+Wing Technologies, USA (Charlie Bogue)




Natural Propulsion (chair: Gavin Allwright)


Net Zero Sail Propulsion for Tankers with the TankerProa, Innovative Marine Technology, United States of America (Frank J. Berté)


The Tig Rig Retrofit Sail System, Dasivedo, Canada (Alistair Johnson)


Energy Transition in shipping, MARIN, the Netherlands (Moritz Krijgsman)


Ventifoil developments, eConowind, the Netherlands (Guus van der Bles)


Natural Solutions (chair: Gavin Allwright)


Flying insects & drones, Wageningen University and Research, The Netherlands (Florian Muijres)


Fish propulsion, Wageningen University and Research, The Netherlands (Johan L. van Leeuwen)


Bioinspired flow sensing in complex environments using an artificial lateral line, Rhine-Waal University, Germany (William Megill)


Biomimetic Ship Propulsion: towards the most efficient configuration, Groningen university, The Netherlands (Eize Stamhuis)


O-foil heritage and further…, MARIN, The Netherlands (Christian Veldhuis)


Pitches (short presentations)


Pitches for new joint research initiatives, natural propulsion and natural solutions


Scaling up, Wind+Wing, USA (Charlie Bogue)


Maritime Carbon Capture and Storage, MARIKO, Germany (Leo van der Burg (FME) & Inga Lauts)


The Tig Rig – mounting a coherent position for the shipping industry, Dasivedo, Canada (Alistair Johnson)


Opportunaties european subsidies for WASP, IDMM, the Netherlands (Robbert van Hasselt)


Wind propulsion Hubs, IWSA, UK (Gavin Allwright)


Network drinks


Venue: STC Lloydstraat 300, 3024 EA Rotterdam (metrostop Coolhaven 13min walk) or tram line 8 Spangen (stop Pieter de Hoochweg (6min walk).

Coffee, tea and lunches will be served during breaks free of charge to all participants who have registered and wear a badge

Parking: Q-park Schiecentrale, Schiehavenkade 120 Rotterdam (5 minutes walking distance from STC building). Free parking at P&R transferium, Capselsebrugpad 60, Rotterdam (continue your travel by Metro B in the direction Schiedam Centrum. exit at stop Coolhaven, 13 minutes walking distance from STC building).

Photo’s: during the event photo’s will be taken and displayed on the website

Presentations: after the event presentations will be available on the website

WiFi: free WiFi will be available, a code will be printed on your badge

Increased efficiency, new technologies, innovative ideas

The international conference BlueWeek 2017 – Autumn Session ended on Tuesday (10 October 2017). The organizers, the Endowed Chair for Wind Energy Technology at the University of Rostock, the Dutch research institute MARIN and the engineering service provider GICON® have drawn a positive balance. “We are happy that guests from all over Europe and the USA accepted our invitation to attend. Over two days, we have created an excellent platform for new and successfully-existing projects. In addition, the participants also praised the pleasant atmosphere away from the international presentations. This made it possible for the participants to establish many new contacts amongst each other,” said GICON® founder Prof. Jochen Grossmann, summarizing the two-day conference. Patron Christian Pegel, Minister for Energy, Infrastructure and Digitalization of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, praised the organizers of BlueWeek 2017 – Autumn Session for their decision to hold the conference in the “cradle of the German offshore industry”. The theme of the two-day conference was “Ocean Energy”. The agenda included the entire range of maritime topics, from improving the effectiveness of existing systems, such as the GICON® SOF, to the introduction of new technologies and visionary ideas for using the ocean’s surface, for example through the new EU project “Space@Sea

Offshore 4.0

In his welcoming address in the historic auditorium of the University of Rostock, Minister Pegel once again affirmed the pioneering role of the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in offshore energy development and outlined his ideas on the subject of “Offshore 4.0”, a computer-supported and intelligent form of energy generation: “The system of a wind turbine can provide the operator with all information on the status of his own turbine. In this way, the operator can switch his turbines on and off independently, creating a kind of virtual power plant. This is where the future path, which we actively support, will lead us”.

This tone was also the subject of presentations given by the Nuremberg-based company eolotec GmbH (“Blade Bearing Guard”) and the Bremen Institute for Production and Logistics GmbH at the University of Bremen (“Reactive Maintenance”). Through their projects, both developers have found possibilities to reduce maintenance costs of wind turbines by means of intelligent data evaluation and the use of technology.

New Paths at Sea

The EU-project “Space@Sea”, which is to be carried out by MARIN, LWET, GICON® and many other partners from the EU, aims to demonstrate ways the growing water surface can be used profitably in the coming years. The partners want to explore new ways of creating floating land areas for use, for example, as solar panels, as residential areas or as agricultural land.

Kite Power Systems also wants to break new ground. The British company is currently developing a 450 m² kite that will generate electricity above the ocean using cable winches, thus contrasting with conventional wind turbines. The first model is due to be launched in the spring of 2018.

Energy generation at sea must be more efficient

With the further development of the floating platform for wind turbines, the GICON® SOF, it has been possible to achieve third generation levelized costs of energy of less than 6 cents per kW/h. Prof. Jochen Grossmann, founder of GICON®, explained in his presentation that the use of floating turbines competes with fixed foundations and onshore turbines for energy generation and underscored the words of Minister Pegel, who spoke in his welcoming address that “irrespective of the construction of new wind turbines, we must increase their efficiency”.

Now that the BlueWeek 2017 – Autumn Session has ended, it is already time to look forward to the next BlueWeek event. This will take place in Rotterdam in the spring of 2018.