Auxiliary sail propulsion for cargo ships. Highlights of Sky Sails and E-ship1 concepts

Prof. Vahs, University of applied science, Hochschule Emden/Leer, Germany

Wind propulsion for large ships

Thijs Nikkels, Gerard Dykstra Naval Architects, The Netherlands

Autonomous sailboat

Kostia Roncin, ENSTA Bretagne, France

Oil splills recovery sailing drone

Piem Wirtz and AlvaroTakiuti, Protei, The Netherlands

Zero emission technology for the shipping industry

Patrick Englebert, Propelwind, France / Belgium

Hydrodynamic aspects and challenges raised by natural propulsion

Rien de Meij, Rob Grin and Rogier Eggers, MARIN, The Netherlands

Weather routing and wind propelled vessels

Dick Moonen, Meteo consult, The Netherlands/ Belgium