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Joint Industry ProjectsOffshore Maintenance Vessel JIP (MARIN) Operability of wind park maintenance vessels Documentation sheet Further info: Contact: Erik-Jan de Ridder WiFi (MARIN) Wave impacts on Fixed turbines Documentation sheet Further info: Contact: Erik-Jan de Ridder e.d.ridder@marin.nlWindJack (MARIN) - status: finished Interaction of jack-up legs with the seabed Documentation sheet Further info: [...]

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Pitches presented at the 2017 Blue Week spring session 80edays. Challenging 2020 automotive and ship industry by Rafael de Mestre Amsterdam IJmuiden Offshore Ports by Dorothy Winters - AYOP Dynamic optimised inspections intervals for wind farms by Diego Allaix and Haico van der Heijden - TNO.  WiSP JIP 2.0 by Rogier Eggers - MARIN [...]

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BLUE WEEK BlueWeek is an independent, dedicated and free event where the industry, academics and institutions can come together to discuss the latest R&D initiatives, regulations and projects. Meetings of current Joint Industry Projects will be organised as well as seminars, panel discussions and the open forum for new proposals. 2017 Autumn session: [...]

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